KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. has been founded on March 8, 2013. Such establishment has arisen from the concept of executives who recognize the importance of small and medium-sized community enterprises faced with difficulties in expanding the products to foreign markets because of some preparedness-related factors such as proficiency in languages, products-exporting processes or investment funds in organizing the exhibitions abroad.

As a result, the Company focuses on the integration of agricultural products-making local communities in the form of community enterprise or OTOP products available in all localities throughout Thailand so as to boost Thai products that have good quality but do not get support and promotion truly. Therefore, KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. operates to be representative of taking Thai products for being exported to overseas markets in order to create awareness in international level about good- quality products in Thailand and push quality goods to global markets.

Perspective on Business of KPB

Under the concept of social assistance intended for urging all sectors to recognize the benefits of equality-based business operations with the main purpose of doing White Ocean Strategy-orientated business, that is to say, business operations without anticipating profits unilaterally, the Company attaches importance to returning profits to society. The objective is to allow the society to live together in perfect harmony. To contribute positively to the community at large, moral and ethical principles are used in management in all operating processes from upstream to downstream so as to create business network without unfairness, exploitation and ensure fairness, transparency as well as accountability.

White Ocean Strategy

KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. has developed the policies to set the direction of operations as follows:
1. Distributing environment friendly products
2. Sharing net profits fairly to partners
3. Sharing 50% of net profits to KPB Foundation
4. Disclosure of accounting and tax information transparently to the public
5. Establishing network and applying “White Ocean” business strategy to all our supply chain
6. Creating a culture of excellence

Approach to Product Development

The emphasis is placed on the products and processes for manufacturing products in an environmentally friendly manner, promoting small and medium-sized enterprises of Thailand by branding (Brand) and adding value (Value) such as the case of coffee beans from Doi Chang, Chiang Rai Province in the North of Thailand. It has been internationally recognized as good-quality coffee. Cultivation is carried out on the area with suitability for growing Arabica coffee varieties, that is to say, location higher than 1,200 meters above sea level with cool air throughout the year, thus resulting in good yields. Moreover, the area of Doi Chang has been registered geographically as the single largest source of coffee cultivation (Single Origin) in the world.

Consequently, KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. has taken coffee beans for processing by being roasted to add value. The process is performed by receiving the cooperation of people with over ten years of experience and expertise in roasting coffee for controlling the roasting process themselves. Attention is also given to every detail of the process with the use of modern technology and equipment. It is a way of adding value to coffee beans that can be made into four flavors under the brand RED SHOT. This method will allow farmers to have increased incomes concretely and promote job creation in the communities in order to have a strong production base and take pride in knowledge, abilities as well as wisdom in their own locality to produce good-quality products for delivery to KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. This enterprise will be the center of Thailand’s local products for export to foreign markets onwards in the future.

Equitable Sharing of Benefits to Farmers and Producers

From taking primarily into account the interests of the collective community, thus KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. adheres to the policy of fair sharing of benefits to farmers and producers compared as one partner in the supply chain of the Company. The purpose is to allow farmers and producers to benefit from White Ocean Strategy-based business operations equally. The Company’s principles of benefit sharing are as follows. The cost plus profit of all parts are brought together as product costs, and then the Company takes the products for selling. The profits from selling will be returned for sharing to partners of all parties equally again.

It is obvious that the Company’s method of doing business is different from that of
other organizations in that farmers and producers will earn profits in the second part back again for use in developing the products, building a strong, stable production base and improving the operating process toward greater potential.

Transparency of Accounting

KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. runs business in a transparent manner with emphasis on the disclosure of data in the financial statements and accounting reports. In this regard, stakeholders can check the financial statements and various evidential documents. There is supervision, determination of financial management policies for transparency in business operations in order to express the nature of business based on White Ocean Strategy and to be an exemplary company further in the future.

Benefits Derived from Business Operations

Based on operating guidelines intended for helping and raising the quality of Thai farmers’ products to foreign markets, therefore the benefits or results of White Ocean Strategy-based business operations under the same supply chain of the Company will strengthen small and medium-sized community enterprises of Thailand to be able grow to an international level with quality by adjusting the operating process structure of farmers to be sustainable. This also creates an opportunity for Thai products to have marketing channels and builds internationally expanded awareness. The ensuing consequence will be the improved overall economy of Thailand accordingly. Such benefit causes justice and equality in society more, making the society aware of giving and sharing. This method also boosts morale and spirit to create good-quality products, product development all the time due to fair profit- sharing, thus causing concretely tangible benefits. As a result, the involved people become conscious or generous to others, making the society get more happiness.

KPB Foundation

KPB Foundation has been established along with the Company. Fifty-percent net profit from business operations is divided and given to KPB Foundation so that the Foundation can undertake tasks and support various charitable projects of Fair Profit Sharing. Because the Foundation has no earnings for carrying out activities to the society’s advantage, therefore KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd. is considered as one of the main donators that feed the Foundation to have the capability of creating benefits for the collective community with the main objectives including:

  1. Donate funds to charities both domestic and abroad.
  2. Provide scholarships to Thai students in studying abroad.
  3. Support technology for the preparation of research databases for public interests.
  4. Operate business and collaborate with other charitable organizations for public interests.
  5. Do not operate business that involves politics whatsoever.

The moral and ethical principles are used in conjunction with business operations to ensure fairness in all operating processes related to the business of the Company with no primary adherence to personal gain. The emphasis is placed on common interests, laying down clear guidelines for management to be model of White Ocean Strategy-based business by taking into account the benefits generated to all parties fairly, creating good business network in society so that others do business by following the model created by the Company. It is creation for allowing the society to be aware of this supply chain more and resulting in increasingly sustainable society, organization and world as well.